Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fashion & Apparel

So, it appears that after working for 7 months after some somewhat necessary disciplinary actions, I've found out that I seem to have come full circle.  I find myself again at the same place, but looking down a different road.  

The possibility of this change is not at all what I expected and for the first time, I'm fearing opportunity.  It's like my Republican inclinations as I age, whereas my Democratic self reigned for years when I felt I had nothing to lose.  I'm afraid of this opportunity because I fear this unplanned possibility for change.  

Oddly enough, what this change might bring is not a change in scenery.  I'd be in Los Angeles, still, among family, friends, loved by those around me, continually showering those whom I love with the only kind of love I'm capable of, the only kind I know.

It's all a "learning experience" or so I'm told, and those words keep resonating with me as I keep asking myself, "why do these things keep happening to Me??"

Only time will tell, and then the truth will show itself, however beautiful or ugly it may be. 

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